FAQ'S  : 


1) Do you accept Paytm? What Is Process :


Yes, Paytm is only available in India and we are accepting Paytm payments!
first Go to add fund { www.yousmmpanel.com/payment/add-fund } 

 -) select paytm -) scan QR or Capture QR code -) send money -) 
note wallat transtion id -) now go back add fund page -) put amount and transion id -) click - check now -) fund sucessfully added.


2) How to place new order? :


Go to new order page { www.yousmmpanel.com/order/new } -) select the services from the dropdown list.
in the field Service --- select the services from the dropdown list.
in the field Link --- fill the link to the page in the format.
in the field Quantity ---  fill the needed quantity of likes/followers.
3) What is Partial status? :

If status Partial it means system cant give more likes/followers to current page or you put any wrong link or that link have any privacy and money automatically refunded for remains likes/followers.

 4) How Much time it will take to complete an order ?:
every service has description box . u can get all information of your order .
5) If i want a panel like yours / i wanted to earn like you !! how????:

We make panel for you, raise support ticket for more information. 
6) Can I Cancel An Order? :

No, Orders Canceled By Admin. All Users Must Be To The Public Before The Order Is Placed Until The Order Is Finished.


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